Why You Should Be Encouraged To Wear Braces

Braces are dental devices fitted on our teeth not only to enhance facial aesthetics but also for other purposes. It is used to ensure good oral health. Braces have been the ultimate answer to getting all the teeth straightened and getting your jawline together since ages now. The use of braces is quite common in London.

The term ‘braces’ was coined in the year 1900, whereas the invention of braces took place in the year 1819 by a French doctor, Christophe-Francois Delabarre. He placed sets of metal wires on the adjacent tooth to keep them together and slowly change its direction and alignment.

Dentist London who fit braces are highly trained and are called Orthodontists. The study of braces is called orthodontics. Since then, there has been a vast technological development and multiple kinds of research have taken place in the field of Orthodontics.

You would know you need to wear braces when you fall under any of the following dental or oral conditions: –

  • Overlapping or overcrowded teeth
  • Increasing or diminishing the gaps between tooth
  • Variedly aligned teeth on the jaw
  • Discomfort in biting
  • To change the directions and positioning of teeth
  • Crooked teeth
  • Placement of the jaw too ahead of or too behind the significant other jaw.
  • Facial aesthetics and slight adjustments in the smile
  • To treat misaligned bites like ‘overbite’ and/or ‘underbite’

These tools cover the outside of our teeth with tight metallic or ceramic frames that are custom-made according to each patient’s mouth size.

Metallic Braces – Bands and brackets made of metallic wire is the traditional and commonly used type. It holds the teeth tightly in a pack.

Ceramic Braces – This is relatively modern technology. It is off-white, or transparent to match the teeth colour. Only a few people use these because of their expensive rates.

These devices may be fixed permanently for a few years or maybe removable as and when required. It is highly unhygienic and unhealthy to use someone else’s braces if removable. Such removable braces are to be taken good care of. It should always be extremely clean since it goes inside our mouth.

Dentist London adjunct braces onto one’s teeth which offers good alignment and physical features. The fitment of braces enhances the appearance of the face. They also ensure good oral health by positioning all the teeth in such a way that toothbrushes and oral flosses compliment well in cleaning the mouth better. Thus, one must visit Dentist London for tooth related issues.

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