Mobile Covers – Phone’s Backbone

Who doesn’t own a cell phone these days? One can’t expect one’s life without it. Advancement in this section is occurring every day. It has dwindled the uses of pcs. Anything can be done using cell phones be it calls, messages, office work, bookings, shopping and so on. Mobile phones help you in availing so many benefits so it should be your priority to keep it safe. You can use mobile covers to prevent it from any damage, dent or scratch due to sudden fall or dropping.

Mobile covers are the backbones of every phone. It not only make your smartphones attractive but also offers you a grip to avoid any damage due to instant fall. If you are searching for trendy phone covers, you can browse these apps. You will surely find better.

  • Daily objectsApp includes a lot of designer phone covers that add an extra dose to your personality. It uses advance printing technologies to ensure that print won’t get fade early. One can search for a variety of phone covers on this website.
  • BewakoofA fashion store offering an array of products for men and women also deals in trendy cell phones cover and a vast variety of lifestyle product. You can visit the site for diverse patterns of covers.
  • Cyankart– App known for its trendier phone covers. It provides you with plenty of phone covers with a benefit of free shipping on any order above Rs.500.
  • Coverscart-It offers an extensive variety of designer and durable phone covers. Their product is designed by their experienced designer. The site is offering free shipping benefit as well as the fastest courier service.
  • Dressmyphone-  An online private retail store for mobile accessories. Back covers and other accessories are available at reasonable prices and free delivery options are attached with some products.
  • Coveritup- The site enables you to access a wide range of products hoodies, sweatshirts, phone cases, stationery notebooks and so on. The reviews of this shopping apps are very authentic, it gives you a benefit of various discounts in the form of coupons. Tracking and customer care facilities are also available here.

Why do you need to dress up your phone? The Answer might be a style statement for some of you. But the main advantage of phone covers is that it renders protection to your phone. Top reasons that you should have phone covers.

Easy to carry –  It enables you to have a tight grip to handle your cell phone with ease to safe it from any wear or tear like any harm due to sudden breakage  and scratches due to different surfaces where the phone is put to charge.

Style statement- Earlier it was almost unimaginable to think that phone covers can be a fashion statement at one moment. Our youth generally prefer to have it for their phone’s protection as well as to match it with their outfits. Finding mobile covers has become a crucial matter for them as it carries their personality and style statement with the right choice of covers.

Durability- Better phone covers increase your phone’s durability. Not just phones, we use a variety of measures to protect our gadgets to increase its durability. Phone covers serve as the means or measure to protect the phone from any damage due to sudden bad circumstances.

There are various types of phone covers, some of them are transparent silicone gel back covers, these are lightweight, soft and do not get break easily. Plastic covers, which are very common in the market, available in various colours, very much budget-friendly. Hybrid back covers, it is very long-lasting, toughest one and hence provides better protection. Rubber mobile covers, these covers are made up of rubber has shorter a shelf life, available in various colours. Flip covers, very long-lasting, protects your phone even from the front side. Some of them also include pockets, one can keep money, debit or credit cards in it . Metal covers, Generally made of aluminium highly protects the phone from any spoilage. It looks very unique and classic. Shell and tassel covers are a new style covers having low shelf life and can protect your phones from scratches or dent however do not provide full proof of safety. Boys usually prefer hybrid covers, transparent covers and plastic covers whereas girls mostly love to have rubber phone covers and shell and tassel phone covers, especially of pink or black colour. 

Last but not the least, we all need to dress up our phone to ensure durability. Our prime focus should be on its safety. We don’t leave it even for a second and also take it to the places where it won’t be like bathrooms, this would be hilarious for some of you but its a fact. So it’s better to have it covered to ensure the safety of your cell phones.

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