The Importance Of Food Labels On Food Packaging

Now that you have decided to stay fit, you must start eating healthy. To do that, you go to the shop and ask the shopkeeper to give you a healthier alternative for each product. But how would you know which one is the healthiest? What are the ingredients that make it healthy? You need to read the label for this.

Thus, food labels guarantee that the given product contains only the ingredients we expect. It ensures that the food is as nutritious as we think it is. With more and more products, both national and international, coming to the market, it has become tough to keep track of which food is healthy. This is why the governments and the World Health Organisation have strict rules and regulations about food labelling.

Why Is Food Labeling Important?

  • The food labels help you understand your food’s content and ingredients. This would ensure that you are eating only the food that is good for you and your health. By reading the labels, you can easily monitor your micronutrients to avoid any deficiency. You will also be able to limit your sugar intake and go for a balanced diet. Doing so will help you stay active and fit.
  • Proper labelling can help to prevent fraud. Without a proper label, food manufacturers can mislead the customers through a false representation on the packaging. If you are a vegetarian, you would not want your food to have fish oil or animal fats- you can only know it by reading the labels properly.
  • By reading the labels, you can easily detect which food to avoid. It stops you from getting products that can cause issues with your health, like a harmful reaction. For example, many people get allergic reactions to peanuts, eggs, fish, etc. Some products often contain these ingredients, and the customers will only know about them by reading the labels. It would prevent you from making any food mistakes, which can cause severe allergies.
  • It also prevents the wastage of food. The labels come with an expiry date, which means you will easily know the time till which the food is safe for consumption. People can get sick from eating expired food, and thus, you should avoid it.
  • Food labels also contain the food’s origin, sometimes attracting the customer’s attention. Consumers often like to consume local products or things from specific regions according to their preferences. The labels help them to get a better understanding of that.

Thus, it is advised that no matter which packaged food you buy, always read the label thoroughly. Go through the ingredients and expiry date to ensure the product meets your expectations. After all, there is nothing better than making an informed decision.

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