Pros Of Upgrading VPS Server On Windows

A lot of server options are available on the web but choosing one is a hectic task to do. We all know that we need to shift from one server to another as the business grows. Therefore, most of the web owners prefer to opt for Virtual Server. 

VPS (Virtual Private Server) has becomea more and more popular choice by the time as it is a perfect combination of high reliability and shared servers of dedicated ones. VPS servers vary from one to another according to the type of Operating system that you’re using. The two reliable ones available in the market includesLinux and Windows. 

However, to pick up the right VPS, you require knowing how it works and get to know the main difference between Linux and VPS server windows. Let us know more about it below. 

A few words about Virtual Private server

A VPS benefits all the powers attached with the virtualization software todivide it into physical servers into various virtual servers. Each virtual server can run the OS and its apps. The biggest pros of having a VPS server is that it provides you with a sense that you are working on a dedicated server with the storage of Operating system, resources for CPU, RAM (Random Access Memory), and other options as available in it. However, the cost is way less than the dedicated one. 

The pros of getting an upgrade toa virtual private server on windows

Here, we have some of the advantages of the VPS server windows that we have enlisted below: 


The main issue is budgeting when it comes to build up and design your website.Putting money as well as time in shared hosting to have a site that outgrows and can be a bad investmentoption. All money that may think of saving, eventually shifted to website migration to obtain anew server.

At the same moment, overspending for a site to get a dedicated server may break your bank and is not an excessive cost for the future. Therefore, VPS server windows are the perfect option available in case of affordability as well as scalability.

High security 

Honestly speaking, VPS hosting proffers security as compared to thatof shared hosting, because of the data fact and other appsthat are stored on a virtual one, which is entirely isolated from the remaining users. 

With shared hosting, if the other website on the same server suffers from any malware or other security issues, then it can have a bad impact on your website as well.On the flip side, with different storage, resources, and operating system, a VPS makes it hard to spreads such problemsfrom one website to another. 

With the VPS plans from HostingRaja, you can get extra security featuresas proffered by Microsoft such as regular backups, updated firewalls, and intrusion monitoring. 


You have full control of VPS server hosting that is entirely independent of where it is located physically. The choice to personalize the hosting server and install some choosy software to make the VPS more powerful than ever before. 

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