Paul Favret – Battling The Surge In Energy Bill Costs To Save Money

Energy costs are surging, and consumers are facing its brunt. The prices have soared so high that home and business owners are now paying energy bills that soar up to $900- this is equivalent to buying a new smartphone every year.

Since the outset of the coronavirus pandemic, energy costs have surged, and it is even more than last year. However, to combat these surging costs, solutions are available with technology. In addition, awareness and education will help consumers effectively combat the surging prices of energy bills with just a few simple technology tips and changes.

Paul Favret – What Can Technology Do Help?

Paul Favret is an esteemed professional in the oil and gas industry in the USA. He is the CEO and Founder of Source Energy LP. He earlier served as the Chief Executive Officer at Aspect Energy. According to him, consumers in the USA are not happy with the surging costs of energy in the country. They post many complaints about how the energy bills are creating huge financial pressure on them.

Feasible Solutions Are Available For Curbing Energy Costs To Rising

The world economy is indeed causing the costs of oil and gas to rise, but there are solutions available for consumers to save money with their energy bills. Thanks to the evolution of technology, several intelligent devices are available in the market today to save on energy costs. They can be purchased and used conveniently for saving energy and bringing down energy bills at least one to five times a month.

Using These Smart Gadgets And Devices To Reduce Energy Costs

Consumers can optimize these products to cut down on their energy bills. Take, for instance, the smart thermostat. One can use the settings to fix the temperature and program it to switch off devices and gadgets at specific times in the day or night. You should fix a programmed heating schedule to ensure your house gets the proper warmth it needs throughout the day.

Once you set the thermostat to your desired settings, all you need to do is program it for switching off gadgets and devices at scheduled times. With this simple tip, you will save money and watch your energy bills drop considerably.

Though technology is an effective solution for reducing energy bills, you should also check your home for insulation leaks.

According to Paul Favret, technology will only save energy costs if your home or building is properly insulated. First, you need to conduct an extensive check on the home and detect those areas where there are insulation leaks. Then, they need to be filled in so that heat does not escape from your house and vice versa. In this case, you should call a good contractor for a home inspection and check the areas that need to be worked on. In this way, you can insulate your home and ensure technology takes over to help you reduce energy bills and save a lot of money every month with success!

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