Know The Different Methods Of Container Lashing

Container lashing is regarded as the ideal process of safely securing shipping containers following the cargo ship. The most important thing is that the shipping container is truly loaded onto the cargo ship then they are truly secured together following the containers below them and into the ship’s structure itself.

Container lashing is accomplished by going with the different cargo securing equipment such as twist locks and lashing rods. Twist locks also play a major role in the context of container corner casting. It can rotate lugs of the locks to engage indeed.

The Container Lashing Equipment

Talking about the process of container lashing is all about the use of different equipment such as

Base Twist Locks

The most important thing is that shipping containers are truly loaded over base twist-locks to ensure that the container wire handles are truly locked into position.

Semi-Automatic Twist Locks

The next on the list is semi-automatic twist locks. They are important and used in between two prominent containers stacked on top of one another to form a stack between them.

Lashing Belts

To put it in simple words, a Container Lashing belt is indeed used to fix cargo easily. They are placed within the containers while being transported so that no hassle will occur. The best thing is that they are truly secured as well as weigh importantly less than wires, jute ropes, or chains indeed.

Lashing Rods

And it is next on the list in what length is varied. The ideal length is followed and then tied to the container right from one end and the ship deck from another indeed.


When it comes to container lashing, the importance of turnbuckles cannot be ignored indeed. The most important thing is that turnbuckles are truly used to adjust the tension following the Container Lashing. To put it in simple words, a turnbuckle comes up with two prominent screw ends. One end is screwed following the lashing bar which is associated with the container’s corner casting. On the other hand, the other is truly welded directly into the ship’s deck.

Corner Casting

Corner castings are regarded as three-holed steel blocks which are placed in the corner of all shipping containers. The motto of using them is to lift the container. Moreover, it is also mentioned to get them connected following any other mode of transport.

Emergency Tool

It is used in case of a twist lock malfunction. Moreover, the emergency tool also makes it possible for the twist-lock to remain open while taking the container to the next level.


Therefore, it is important to hire a professional service provider to have the best experience indeed.

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