How To Treat Mitral Regurgitation

Your heart is the engine that runs your entire body by pumping blood to each organ. So, if you face any heart health issue, your body will immediately react to it, causing a lot of discomfort and trouble. Sometimes, the condition is so complicated that it can become life-threatening.

One such issue that people face is mitral regurgitation. It is a heart health issue under which the valve between two heart chambers doesn’t close properly. It occurs in the left chambers, and due to this, the blood begins flowing backwards opposite to its natural flow. It creates a life-threatening condition, which should get treated on time to keep the body functioning properly.

Treatments For Mitral Regurgitation

There are many possible treatments for mitral valve regurgitation. Some of them are listed below.

Lifestyle Changes

The first and foremost thing you should do is make necessary changes in your routine. Even a doctor would suggest this to you and ask you to follow a healthy lifestyle. Remove the refined and unsaturated fat from your diet and limit your salt and sugar intake. Additionally, you should start with regular exercises. Begin with the regimes that keep your heart healthy. Patients in the initial stages can benefit from it and avoid surgeries.

Oral Medication

Seeing how complicated the condition is, your doctor can suggest some oral medications. These medicines can reverse the thinning of the valve and prevent clotting to ensure smoother blood flow. The prescription will typically include diuretics, blood thinners, beta-blockers, and related pills that can contribute to treating the issue in some way or the other.

Surgical Procedure

If no amount of medicine and lifestyle changes can help you, the doctor will straight away suggest surgical procedures. It happens mostly if your mitral regurgitation is already at the worst stage or if you are above 50 years of age. The doctor will either go for minor surgery, wherein he puts a small tube in your chest to close the valve or open-heart surgery. The open heart is an elaborate surgical procedure in which the heart valves get repaired or replaced altogether. You may not even have a single symptom, and your doctor will straight away suggest an open heart surgery! So, it is better to stay in touch with the doctor and never ignore even the slightest signs of anything weird happening in your body.

These are the treatments you can go for if you suffer from this heart health complication. A better way to find out which treatment is suitable for you is to visit a cardiologist and share your concerns. He would conduct a series of tests and ask a few questions about your family history and lifestyle habits. After this, he can tell you which treatment option is best for you, and you can start with it on time to get the best results. Choose your doctor carefully after checking all the details as the success of your treatment depends on this decision.

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