Four Great Ways To Experience And Enjoy Rome

Rome is an amazing place, so it comes as no surprise to learn that a visit to the city is on a lot of people’s bucket list. It has a long history, which is a big part of the reason it is such an interesting place to visit. Here is just a taste of what this wonderful city has to offer you, when you visit.

Art And Culture

Rome is very much a centre for the arts. It does not matter whether you love ballet, opera, art, dance or theatre you can enjoy it in Rome. You can find out all about the performances that are due to be held during your stay by going online. Plus, you can easily buy affordable Rome Opera Tickets, so anyone can afford to attend the opera while in Rome.

The city is home to several world-renowned art galleries and museums. The list is a long one. Among the best are the Capitoline Museums, Palazzo Massimo alle Terme, Doria Pamphilj Gallery, MAXXI and Centrale Montemartini. You could travel to Rome for a lifetime and still not have enough time to see all of the beautiful art and artefacts that are on display in this city.

Historic Monuments And Buildings

As you would expect for a city that has been in constant occupation since 753 BC, Rome is rich in history. Over the centuries, areas of the city silted up or were built over. In many cases, the buildings that were left behind were preserved to some extent. As a result, Rome offers both underground and overground sights for history lovers to enjoy. If I were to list even the most popular ones here, this article would go on forever. So, I suggest that you visit this page instead. It lists the 30 most beautiful buildings in Rome, so it is a good starting point for planning your travel itinerary.

Wonderful Food

Italian cuisine is loved the world over and with good reason. It really is delicious. As you would expect in a place like Rome there are hundreds of cafes, bars and restaurants. Most still serve traditional Italian food, but like most large cities other tastes are catered for. Italians are becoming increasingly adventurous when it comes to food, so you can easily find Thai, Chinese, Indian and many food cuisines to enjoy. If you fancy enjoying a meal from another culture the Esquilino Rione neighbourhood is the place to head. It is home to immigrants from over a hundred countries.

Fun And Something A Little Different

Rome may be an ancient city, but it is definitely not a place that has become stuck in time. It is far from staid and stuffy. The Italians love to have fun and that is reflected in the way the city treats its tourists. As well as traditional historic tours there are more unusual ways to explore the city. For example, Rome has embraced the Segway, with several firms offering guided tours on them.

During the summer there are outdoor movies, concerts and performances to enjoy. Year round, you can go to gladiator school, take cooking lessons, go clubbing, explore on a bike or if you like, go to the beach. The sea is only a 30- minute drive away.

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