Expert Notes That Hosted Cloud Services Which Allow Users To Log In From Anywhere Can Help Companies To Continue Operating If Their Premises Are Flooded

Firms are increasingly turning to hosted cloud services for a number of reasons. For example, these systems can be easy to use, cost-effective and convenient.

One woman who does not require any convincing about the merits of these services is Sophie Turton. Writing on, the web expert drew attention to the value of these services during emergencies.

She made her comments in the wake of the flooding that affected many parts of the UK over the course of this winter.

The importance of proper planning

Ms Turton said: “Having your premises destroyed by a flood is a disaster, but without proper planning it could be your entire business that sinks.” She went on to suggest a few “quick and easy-to-implement ideas for a contingency plan should the unthinkable happen”.

She also noted that it is important for firms to appreciate the risks they face. On this topic, she stated: “’It’ll never happen to me’ is one of the most dangerous things a small business owner can think. Six months ago it seemed the chances that your premises would be flooded seemed fairly slim, but today this is a harsh reality for thousands of businesses across the UK.”

The expert noted that the UK suffered one of its wettest winters in 250 years, with the cost of the damage caused likely to run into the billions.

Working from anywhere

According to Ms Turton, it is also a good idea for firms to ensure that their workers can function from anywhere. About this, she said: “Business continuity is the name of the game; if something terrible should happen to your premises, you and your staff need to be able to carry on working from home or another location. Every day your business operations are disrupted is a day you go without income, so it’s vital work resumes as soon as possible.”

According to the expert, hosted cloud services that allow users to log in from anywhere are the best way to guarantee continuity of services.

She also noted that VoIP services can be a “great way” for offices to continue functioning remotely. She added: “Assembling a team together in one chat will allow you to brainstorm, share ideas and discuss plans almost effectively as if you were in the actual office. If you can video chat too, then all the better.”

Employees should be set up on these services in advance, and they should have some way of working on a computer at home, she added. If some people lack computers, it may be worth having laptops ready to distribute in the event of an emergency, she advised.

Back up is key too

 Effective back up is also a must, she claimed. On this theme, she said: “This one has formed a crucial part of best practice since the 80s and backup technology has now advanced far enough to make it a no-brainer. Everything your business receives and produces must be backed up in some way. And the more times the better!”

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