Beginners Guide to SEO audit

Staying updated with the latest technological and industrial standards is important to sustain in any field. Business and marketing are no exception to this rule. Since the success of any business is heavily reliant on the marketing tactics which are incorporated, it becomes incumbent on you to master the best marketing strategies for your business. Today, unlike the olden days, marketing has become much more technology-driven. Unlike in the days of the yore, the internet plays a major role in the success of any marketing campaign. Since the ubiquity of the internet is undoubted, it becomes a very profitable tool to market and spread awareness for your business in the audience. There are a lot of allied benefits of using the internet as a tool for marketing. 

Since a large number of people use the internet, it becomes important that only the relevant audience views your marketing campaigns. Digital marketing takes care of this concern too. SEO, an abbreviation for search engine optimisation, is the answer to all such issues. SEO is the algorithm that determines the placement of your webpage on the SERP. besides that, it also allows you to zero in on the desired audience by using the relevant keywords, meta-data, backlinks, title, etc. this lets the search engine determine the niche of your content and then it assorts your webpage with other webpages having similar content. 

There are two difficulties that you might face while executing SEO. First, it is the tough competition to stay on the first page of SERP and second is the vague SEO algorithms. The solution to both of these issues in one is – hiring an SEO agency which manages plans and executes the SEO strategies for your webpage. 

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SEO Audit

SEO audit refers to the practice of analysing the coherence between your web presence and contemporary best practices. This is visibly the first step towards creating a plan to reflect concrete results. This practice intends to analyse and find out the underlying issues which affect the organic SEO of your page. 

A successful SEO audit will reveal the issues with your technical SEO, the issues in the website structure, the issues in the on-page SEO, the probable off-site issues, the issues with the user experience, the gaps in the content and the opportunities, and the insights of the competitive marketplace. An audit can be termed as the health check of the webpage. 

Ideally, your audit must be comprehensive and encompass both the structural and content factors of your SEO. It should be a reflection of what is the state of your webpage. If the audit misses any detail, it may lead to misleading recommendations and may even damage your SEO campaign. 


SEO is a detailed task that requires precision. For precision and to truncate the faults, regular SEO audits are necessary. 

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